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February 1st - April 30th

World Team Warm Up
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February 28th - March 2nd

Paraclete Outdoor XP
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March 7th - March 9th

TRIBU 4:20 Freely Jam
April 16th - April 20th
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Disappearing Island
Skydive Beach Party

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April 25th
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  Instruction begins with a 6 hour ground school. Then you are ready to jump following ground school wearing your individual parachute system. You and 2 instructors freefall together for about 50 seconds from 13,500 ft.

Your instructors check out together, coaching you through your training assignment, until you pull your ripcord to open your parachute canopy. Then you enjoy a beautiful parachute flight. We provide radio advice as you steer your parachute to a soft landing. As you progress through the program, two instructors accompany you through level 3. Then one instructor goes with you until you graduate. When you have completed the program, you are cleared to jump without an instructor. All training is personalized and you will progress at your own rate. The AFF training program includes ground school, pre-jump training, seven levels of advancement, and all the required equipment.

Call today to make a reservation (386) 738-3539

Price & Objectives

Level Price Learning Objectives
1 $351 Relax have fun and show ground, altitude and instructor awareness and the ability to pull on your own and on time
2 $194 Introduces the student to freefall turns (jump with two Instructors.
3 $194 Jump with two Instructors, learn forward movement and then fly 'solo' for the rest of the skydive
4 $164 One Instructor, teaches 360 turns in freefall
5 $164 Move to forward motion and docking on your Instructor
6 $164 Solo exit from the airplane, backloops and recovery, tracking before pull.
7 $164 The Graduation Dive! Diving solo exit, frontloops, backloops, turns, docking- just about anything you want to show off, after all it's your graduation